A Look At Acrylic Sport Court Surfacing In Charleston SC

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On August 8, 2020

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Redoing a tennis court with high-quality material is one way to attract more players in the future. If you are improving a city park and want to make sure that nothing is left to chance, you’ll want to hire a team of professionals to do the job. At Innovative Sport Surfacing, we can ensure you get the best possible acrylic sport court surfacing in Charleston SC. The new surface will stand the test of time going forward.

We’ll analyze the area to be worked on to determine exactly how much surfacing material will be needed. If a court is being installed for the first time, we’ll ensure that the court is perfectly level. We’ll also be able to provide some design ideas for other areas of the park that might be renovated similarly in the future.

Determining the exact materials to be utilized will of course depend on several different things. In the hot, humid climate that is common during summers in the Low Country, you’ll want a surface that will hold up well. We’ll examine the climate parameters, which will assist us in crafting the base, color coat, and other layers.

We’ll also ensure that your new surface stands up to precipitation. We use special techniques to seal the acrylic, which will then remain in great shape even after the rainfall cycles that are common during the warmer parts of the year. In fact, we only use quality materials that will continue to offer top-line physical performance for athletes no matter the weather.

We design each installation so that it offers a number of benefits through the years. For one, the unique acrylic surface will ensure that tennis players can easily move from sideline to baseline as comfortably as possible. The surface is meant to be smooth and as easy on the knees as possible, which is crucial for players who will be doing quite a bit of sprinting and stopping during the match.

Players will also be able to enjoy a playing experience that is right in line with professional games. Our premium materials reduce the heat island effects that are so common in urban areas. The cooler surface means that players will be able to be active for longer periods of time. During the height of summer, when the sun is scorching from its overhead position, this is vital.

We’ll make sure that the correct dimensional lines are added to the surface in white paint so that players can play regulation matches. We can do this for tennis, pickle-ball, and a range of other sports. All paint is of high quality and will remain bright and vibrant for several seasons. The lines themselves will be straight and of the proper width and length.

You can ultimately count on Innovative Sport Surfacing to help you transform your playing surface. You’ll be eminently pleased with the results when the project is finished. Players will be thrilled to begin trying it out with their friends as soon as they get some nice weather!

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