Bonded Rubber Mulch Installer Works Nationwide To Renovate Playground Areas

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On March 13, 2021

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When you are tired of mud and gravel in the playground area at your school, church, daycare center, or other sports facility, an artificial playground surface composed of recycled shredded rubber pieces stuck together with a bonding agent is a long-lasting and attractive solution. Our bonded rubber mulch installer team at Innovative Sports Surface, Inc is ready to help to design, source, and install your state-of-the-art playground surface.

Unlike wood chips, dirt, gravel, sand, or loose pieces of shredded material, our playground surface is a single smooth, attractive, and long-lasting surface over large areas where children play and adults enjoy recreational activities. Since the rubber is recycled, it doesn’t reflect a drain on scarce resources.

The mulch product has other benefits. It lasts much longer than wood chips and similar products and has some ability to prevent the growth of weeds. It stays in place, unlike chips and gravel, and because it is available in a range of colors, it adds aesthetic appeal to the playing court, garden walkways, or playgrounds. The product can be placed on sloping surfaces to add aesthetic appeal without the risk of unsightly erosion and water pooling.

Our product is easy to keep in a pristine condition, If rainwater doesn’t take care of surface dirt, a quick hose down and sweep will do the job. The product is slip-resistant, and stays where it is placed, unlike sand, gravel, wood chips, and dirt. When those using the area suffer trips or falls, the victim is less likely to get scrapes, burns, and cuts from the surface than from other products.

The Innovative Sport Surfacing installers have prepared and placed countless square yards of bonded PIP rubber surface over the years. They can prepare the surface area and install the product very quickly and accurately. They also have the equipment and tools to repair and maintain the surface.

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