Counting The Benefits Of A Commercial Playground Installer

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On October 6, 2020

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Throughout the entire year, playgrounds have something to offer children, as well as adults. They can be associated with schools, parks, hospitals, and sports facilities. With the use of a commercial playground installer, customers can be sure of the highest quality products and equipment for each phase of the project. The pros at Innovative Sports Surface have been installing play area surfaces and equipment for many years, and their experience shows.

When associated with recreational areas, rubber surfaces reduce the incidence of injuries to hands and knees. The smooth surfaces are inviting and stay much cleaner than traditional pebbles, concrete or wood chips. We offer a variety of materials, such as bonded rubber mulch, which comes in a range of colors, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the surface.

The expert installers provide a finished surface that is non-toxic and virtually weatherproof. The line of products is durable enough to handle heavy foot traffic. They are able to retain their natural color for as long as eight years. Another benefit of the products is their ability to deter the presence of insect pests, as well as that of other wild animals. The surface is less likely to be subject to disease and animal dropping. The playground can be quickly cleaned with minimal effort.

Because the surface is softer than concrete or asphalt, it is easier on the knee and ankle joints, even when playing active games which include running or jumping. There is enough give in the surface to protect against the hard stops which would otherwise be typical.

The professional installers have the knowledge and training to provide complete project management, no matter the size and complexity of your project. They take into consideration the contours in the space, goals of a client and the typical users of playground areas. The finished project can be as bright and inviting as desired.

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