Ideas For Bonded Rubber Mulch Installers

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On August 30, 2020

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Sports surfaces in the past have not been given much thought beyond turf or artificial turf. We are Innovative Sports Surfacing, producers of a variety of outdoor and indoor flooring which is suited for many sports and games activities. These include flooring for tennis, bocce, basketball and pickleball, as well as more expansive projects such as outdoor playgrounds for schools, gyms, and parks. Our bonded rubber mulch installers can replace old-fashioned gravel or asphalt playground surfaces with a clean, bright, and colorful sports surface.

Bonded rubber covering is constructed of shredded pieces that are compressed into a single surface. These are not loose pieces of rubber, but rather appear as a glued-together expanse. The product doesn’t exhibit the dust which can occur with asphalt or gravel surfaces. The innovative coating is available in various colors and can be formed into patterns and decorative images if desired. Maintenance is fast and convenient, with little more than hosing down required to keep the mulch looking its best.

If there is one common aspect of playgrounds, it is that falls tend to occur. With our playground material, there are no sharp edges to tear skin and clothing. We take care of repairs and maintenance as needed to keep the surface looking pristine.

For more than a quarter-century, our team of experts has been providing surfaces which enhance game performance. Our reputation is achieved by quality in every step of the project from designing to excavation, leveling and removal, to new surfaces. Our customers have high praise for the installation professionalism and for our surfacing products.

There are a number of benefits to replacing traditional playgrounds and sports areas with our products. Unlike gravel and concrete, the mulch is clean and is long-lasting. When it is a playing surface, it is less wearing on the feet, ankles, knees and hip joints.

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