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On February 9, 2021

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Over the years, playgrounds have evolved in many ways. While the equipment has evolved beyond a swing, carousel, and ‘monkey bars’, certain elements have remained pretty much the same. The surfacing material offered for most play areas is one of the most obvious changes. Innovative Sport Surfacing is a national playground builder with information about the evolving products, materials, and designs available in today’s playgrounds.

The right equipment can make a big difference in whether or not the playground gets plenty of interest from children and adults. Some of the various characteristics that make the equipment favorable and popular include bright and durable colors, a variety of pieces to appeal to children who climb, run, swing or take part in other activities. We have an extensive inventory of play equipment in bright colors. Our pieces are designed for fun and safety.

Playing surfaces are now available in many different types of materials. Instead of mud, gravel, or dirt, many playgrounds are now floored with poured-in-place (PIP) rubber or recycled rubber mulch. These products are ecologically friendly and are less likely to cause injuries to feet, knees, and ankles. Colorful logos or another lettering can be added to ensure that the space is unique.

Our sports area flooring is also easy to clean. Hosing down the surface periodically is typically enough to take care of the need for clearing dirt and debris from the surface. You can plan to add your school or club colors, logos, and designs for added eye impact.

Innovative provides professional design services to help planners create a play area for schools, gyms, courts, and tracks that meet the needs of the organization. Because these elements of the design are long-lasting, the cost of a suitable playground surface may be lower than you think.

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