Innovative Sport Surfacing: The Very Best In Playground Surface Installation

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On December 28, 2020

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When it comes to the places where our kids play, we all want to know that they’re going to be as safe as possible. Without proper playground surface installation, the youths who will build the future of tomorrow are put in unnecessarily dangerous situations that often lead to injuries – some of which can cause lifelong impairments. That’s why we at Innovative Sport Surfacing are devoted to providing the very best in playground surfaces with installation techniques and quality assurance that cannot be beaten.

In competitive sports, having a game-standard playing area is a must. No one likes to have to wonder if their team might have done better if the floor didn’t have damages or inconsistencies which might’ve made it easier for one team or another to score points. In order to take all elements of the equation out of the matter, it’s always best to have a gym or court floor that everyone can agree is up to their standards.

Innovative is a name you know you can trust because we’ve been doing business for over 15 years and counting. Our return customers know exactly what to expect from us. Our commitment to high standards and excellent service has kept our illustrious clients coming back year after year, and new business continues to grow all the time.

A quality floor does so much more than just making a gym look nice. When running any type of fitness facility, members can always tell when the facility is up to their personal standards. If you want to keep new memberships coming in, it’s essential to install a floor that you can be proud of.

We are prepared to handle your installation literally from the ground up. Starting with planning sessions all the way through the finalization of the project, our installers are there for you. When it comes to artificial turf and rubber surfacing, Innovative Sport Surfacing has the floor.

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