Leading Playground Flooring Contractors Outline The Best Materials To Use

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On April 27, 2021

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When creating a playground, nothing is as important as choosing the right flooring materials. There are more than a few great options to choose from, and each choice comes with a unique set of pros and cons. Some of the important factors to consider before choosing the material to use include safety, fun, accessibility, and cost. Our team of skilled playground flooring contractors can help you choose and install your material of choice.

One of the best materials you could opt for is bonded rubber mulch. It offers infinite benefits, the most significant being durability. It is also a top choice for schools and other commercial settings because it requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective option. While the upfront costs for installation can be overwhelming, a bonded rubber mulch play area is more affordable to maintain in top shape for decades.

Another ideal material to use is wood chips. This material is widely accessible, easy to maintain, and recyclable. While it may not last as long as bonded rubber mulch, it remains in a pristine state for 2-3 years. You can also use wood chips for landscaping, giving the play area and its environs a blended look. The best part is that wood chips are excellent shock absorbers, and this enhances safety.

Artificial grass floors resemble real grass. They are non-slippery, non-toxic and require little in terms of maintenance. Moreover, we can install shock pads underneath the grass to create play areas that can lessen the impact of falls for kids. The main downside is that the initial installation project can cost more than other options.

If your plain playground flooring looks a little too dull, you may consider instating thermoplastic markings. These markings are colorful, visually appealing and can last ten times longer than paint. You can use them to create an ideal area where kids can learn, socialize and exercise. The markings are available in a range of colors, and it is easy to find pieces capable of transforming your space into a fantastic playground.

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