New Playground Surfacing Materials And Methods

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On November 30, 2020

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Children’s playgrounds are places that provide so much joy to our youngest, but they are also places where injuries can occur. Quality substrates significantly reduce the possibility of injury. Today, New Playground Surfacing methods are used which are very effective.

We produce various systems for covering the space provided for your little ones to play. Different materials are used to make such substrates, which meet the different needs of our clients, in terms of appearance, thickness, resistance to weather conditions, wear, etc.

All our products are always in compliance with all legal regulations and standards, so you can always contact us with full confidence. Such products always pass various tests and we will be very happy to give you any additional information that may interest you. Our experts will make sure that you get whatever you need, in each case.

The new materials were developed in collaboration with experts in the field of technology, but also with experts in the field of kinesiology and all other fields related to such specific requirements. The most important thing for us is to ensure the highest quality to our customers, from the production and installation to the durability and efficiency of all our products.

The new materials provide a wide range of applications and a very interesting choice of designs and colors. Given that such areas need to meet several requirements, our mission is to make all our customers satisfied in every way. Our products are not only high quality, but also look very attractive.

You can discuss all your requirements in cooperation with our experts. We are here for you, in every way. We will adjust the thickness, type, and appearance of the substrate following your needs and desires, so that you are satisfied with every aspect of the finished product, both the quality of workmanship and installation and the final appearance and efficiency of the substrate.

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