Revitalize Your Ohio Pavement with StreetBond Surfacing

Unlock the Next Generation of Pavement Treatments in Ohio with StreetBond Coatings – an Eco-Friendly, Water-Based Solution Crafted to Rejuvenate Public and Private Areas Throughout the Buckeye State

Premium StreetBond Surfacing Installation and Maintenance in Ohio

Welcome to Innovative Sport Surfacing, Ohio’s leading provider of StreetBond pavement solutions. Presenting an array of green, water-based coatings fully compatible with asphalt and concrete, we excel in elevating public and private zones’ durability and visual allure. Whether for urban heat island reduction, ornamental streetscapes and sports areas, or transport-centric features such as specific lanes and crosswalks, our solutions are tailored for diverse applications.

Recognizing that aesthetically pleasing environments hold deep psychological and physiological impacts on communities, we are fervently committed to offering top-tier products made to conserve, refresh and adorn both city and residential surfaces. Our coatings aren’t just about enhancing appearances; they actively boost the environment and residents’ quality of life.

With Innovative Sport Surfacing, rest assured that your project’s ecological, visual, and utilitarian goals are our priority. Our StreetBond selections are eco-conscious and crafted to ensure optimal ROI and functionality. Robust and enduring, our coatings promise that your investment now will yield returns for the foreseeable future.

Reasons to Opt for StreetBond Coatings in Ohio?

Grasping the significant influence of visually striking and cooler surroundings, we present a premium assortment tailored to Ohio’s urban and residential environments. StreetBond coatings are devised to:

  1. Counteract Urban Heat Islands: Featuring our exclusive Invisible Shade™ technology that deflects sunlight, we considerably lower urban temperatures, making communities much more livable.
  2. Prolong Surface Duration: Being robust and enduring, our coatings amplify the lifespan of your roads and pavements.
  3. Visual Charm: Retain your design’s vibrancy over the years; our coatings resist fading.
  4. Diverse Color Options: Offering 59 standard shades – 13 of which come with Invisible Shade™ – plus numerous custom possibilities, your project can perfectly encapsulate your vision.

Selecting your project’s perfect shade is now a breeze. We provide a bespoke color palette, ideally suited to echo your company or institution’s essence. Be it your organizational shades or a distinctive color that resonates with your brand ethos, we’re poised to actualize your vision. Our expansive color choices empower you to ensure your project becomes a landmark in the Ohio panorama.



Bike Path Green






Terra Cotta


Brown Suede

Burnt Sienna

Concrete Gray

Hunter Green



San Diego Buff

Sunset Blush




Chestnut Brown

Cobalt Blue

Down to Earth



Gun Metal



Patriot Blue

Pumpkin Spice


Sandy Beige

Sea Foam

Smokey Mauve


Leed Compliant

SR Fawn

SR Khaki

SR Sandstone

SR White

SR Irish Cream


SR Sunbaked Clay

SR Evergreen

SR Terra Cotta

SR Brownstone

SR MOD Slate

SR Paprika



Safety Blue

Safety Yellow

Safety Orange

Safety Red

Bright Green


NY Red

NY Green

Celtic Green

CL Emerald Green

CL Shamrock Green

Surface Seal

DuraShield Asphalt Part A

DuraShield SR Gray Part A

Transform Ohio with StreetBond

From its inception as “StreetPrint” to a broad spectrum of innovative coating systems, StreetBond has evolved with a keen focus on customer needs. In Ohio, we have showcased unexpected and artistic uses of StreetBond products, reflecting the state’s vibrant spirit. This creativity drives StreetBond’s passion for crafting green, visually appealing and durable solutions. As the presence of StreetBond installations grows throughout Ohio and globally, the brand looks forward to partnering with more franchisees in Ohio, aiming to brighten communities and enrich the streetscape.

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