Why You Should Consider PIP Sport Court Surfacing In Charlotte NC

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On August 11, 2020

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The poured in placed system has recently become a popular option for sport court surfacing. This is because the flooring offers a solution for customization, safety, and design possibilities, among other factors. You can never go wrong when you choose PIP sport court surfacing in Charlotte NC, for your play areas and also athletics. Here is a list of advantages you will enjoy when you pick this option.

PIP court flooring provides a lot of advantages over any other materials. The product is designed in such a way that it meets every ASTM vital fall height levels. One of the safety benefits you will enjoy is maintaining a uniform impact resistance during the entire playing period. Other materials may be displaced, which will leave inconsistent security when you fall. The surface limits trip hazards and is effective even in cold temperatures and high humidity. Another unique thing about it is that it does not hide harmful foreign objects and does not promote microbial growth.

It is easy to clean up this surface and requires less care and maintenance. Cleaning is only undertaken occasionally for curb appeal. It does not retain dirt, you can just sweep or wash the surface to remove leaves, dirt, and other debris. It also drains and dries pretty quickly, enabling you to resume training shortly after it has rained.

Poured in place surfaces are ADA compliance and accessibility. Due to its smooth nature, the flooring is suitable for mobility devices such as wheelchairs. Our coatings have limitless design options. You may be able to create intricate as well as highly detailed designs if you choose this option. Our surface can be combined with other unitary materials such as synthetic turf to create an innovative and multi-surface playing area.

The only way you will experience the mentioned benefits is to work with Innovative Sport Surfacing. Our hands-on experience will allow us to provide satisfactory services to our customers. Call us today at 412-748-1555 for any play area consultation.

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