Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing

Looking For a Professional Poured-in-Place Rubber Contractor?

Look no further. Innovative Sport Surfacing—a national leader in turn-key surfacing solutions—has many years of experience in the installation of high-quality poured-in-place rubber surfaces for commercial, educational, governmental and residential use. Why choose us? We’re highly trained professionals with the technical skills and proven methodology that guarantee maximum safety and aesthetic value. You can count on Innovative Sport Surfacing to provide total customer satisfaction in any application of our poured-in-place rubber surfaces.

Poured Rubber Playgrounds

Whether in schoolyards or recreation parks, a poured rubber playground is the ultimate play space. Colorful, inviting, resilient and safe, poured-in-place rubber playground surfaces are a softer, more attractive alternative to pebbles, wood chips or concrete, reducing the risk of injury to little hands and feet. Innovative Sport Surfacing offers rubber tiles and indoor rubber playground flooring, too!

Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing - Photo of a poured rubber playground surface.

Poured-in-Place Rubber Pool Decks

Poured rubber pool decks are gaining in popularity—the unique qualities rubber pool decks allow for greater overall safety, including reduced slippage and impact reduction. They look fantastic, too—available in a wide range of colors and textures, poured-in-place rubber surfacing provides an immediate upgrade to indoor and outdoor pool areas of any size. Extremely durable, long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free, our rubber surfacing for pool decks maintains its grip when wet, making it the perfect solution for any pool.

Poured-in-Place Rubber Basement Flooring

Adding space without decreasing lot size; providing a multifunctional area for storage, utility and leisure; boosting the value of your home—a basement is an asset. That is, until water damage turns it into a costly liability. That’s where Innovative Sport Surfacing comes in: our poured-in-place rubber basement flooring provides far greater water resistance than porous concrete, helping to keep your floor and foundation walls safe. Rubber’s resistance to water and impact, and natural antimicrobial properties also make it a great choice for laundry rooms and basement gyms. It’s warmer and softer underfoot than concrete, too.

Poured Rubber Garage Floors

Garages are frequently used for more than just cars, often functioning as workshops, storage areas and recreational spaces. Garage flooring sees extensive foot traffic, and is prone to wear and tear from a variety of sources. Innovative Sport Surfacing installs exceptionally durable poured rubber garage floors that withstand vehicular weight, chemical exposure, temperature and impact. Make your garage safer, quieter and more versatile with our poured-in-place rubber flooring, whose many advantages make it the superior choice.

Poured-in-Place Rubber Walkways

Conventional outdoor walkways require considerable maintenance. Year-round foot traffic, in addition to wear and tear caused by the bicycles, electric bikes and scooters often found on mixed-use paths, contributes to surface degradation. Constant exposure to the ever-changing elements further damages aggregate and concrete. The solution? Poured-in-place rubber from Innovative Sport Surfacing. It’s hard-wearing, provides great traction, is weather-resistant and naturally flexible, far better able than other materials to withstand freeze and thaw cycles.

Poured Rubber Equestrian Flooring

Poured-in-place rubber isn’t just for people—horses love it, too! An alternative to hard stone floors, poured-in-place rubber equestrian flooring provides a soft, slip-resistant surface for horses and other animals. Long-lasting, comfortable, easily cleaned and naturally antibacterial, our rubber equestrian flooring is suitable for horse stalls, or as a whole-floor solution.

Poured Rubber Athletic Surfaces

Innovative Sport Surfacing is your source for the highest-quality poured rubber—ideal for athletic surfaces, where the resilience, outstanding appearance, impact resistance, safety and comfort enhancing properties of rubber surfacing makes a significant difference to your athletes or patrons. Ideal for gymnasiums, sports stadiums, running tracks, aerobics flooring, locker rooms and more, poured rubber is an excellent athletic surface that provides numerous performance benefits.

Poured-in-Place Rubber Mulch

Our loose fill and bonded rubber mulches come in a huge range of colors. But they don’t just look good—they’re non-toxic and virtually weatherproof, too, making them a suitable choice for rubber playground surfacing, walkways, trails and landscaping. The seamless surface of bonded rubber mulch is slip-resistant, fast-draining, pest-resistant and incredibly easy to maintain.

Poured Rubber Surfaces to Meet Every Need

Innovative Sport Surfacing has a poured rubber surface that’s the right fit for your application. We’re proud to work with a wide range of facility types, organizations and residential and corporate clients in all fifty states. Have a look below, then get in touch with one of our poured-in-place rubber experts!


Administration of Children Services,CDC, Domestic & Foreign Government Facilities, Homeland Security,Military, Municipal & State Organizations, National Housing Authority Administration, National Parks & Recreation, SSA

Outdoors, Denominational & Recreational 

Agility Training & Boarding Facilities, Amusement Parks, Campgrounds, Children’s Museum’s, Churches, Dog parks, Equestrian Facilities, Fitness & Obstacle Courses, Fitness Centers & Gyms, Golf Courses, Indoor Play Areas, Miracle League Fields, Rubber Baseball Fields, Water Parks

Housing & Residential

Apartment Communities, Assisted Living Facilities, Condominium Communities, Homeowners Associations, Hotels & Resorts, Landscape Architects, Property Management, Residential Clients, Sotheby’s and Other Mansion Home Realtors & Caretakers

Commercial & Non-Profit 

Burger King, Chick-Fila & McDonald’s, General Contractors, Make a Wish Foundation & Other Non-Profit Organizations

EPDM Rubber Colors

Dark Purple



Light Purple





Light Blue



Earth Yellow



Bright Green


Black & Teal

Black & Blue

Black & Red

Black & Beige

Black & Royal Blue

Black & Grey

Black & Bright Green

Black & Dark Green

PDF Files:

Edge Detail
Fall Height Chart
Stone Base Preparation
Maxplay Spec Sheet
Routine Maintenance
PIP Brochure
PIP Spec Sheet
PIP Warranty

The Perfect Soft Playground Surface

At Innovative Sport Surfacing, we also offer top-quality bonded rubber mulches to guarantee the maximum level of safety for your playground. We can install poured-in-place rubber, bonded rubber mulch, and rubber tile installation projects on sand or dirt terrain, saving you time and resources as you invest in flooring for playgrounds.

Our highly trained professionals have the technical skills and experience to install rubber surfaces for playgrounds using a proven methodology that guarantees maximum safety and aesthetic value. You can count on our expertise for 100% customer satisfaction in the application of any playground, outdoor park, nature trail, or recreation area.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Samples - Photo of sample colors of rubber mulch.

Click Image Above For Color Samples

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Tiny Tots Village Bunker Hills, WV

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