Bird’s Nest Mini Tree House


The Bird’s Nest Mini Treehouse is the perfect roost for young children. Situated only a few feet above the ground, the ‘nest’ can support several preschool aged youngsters at once. The nest is made from fine netting on a galvanized steel pole framed by a solid ring, which dips in the middle as kids sit on it. This encourages them to lean safely towards the center. There are two climbing nets and two ladders which can be used to climb up to the nest platform. The larger spaces between the ladder rungs are better for children closer to age 5, but the small spaces in the nets make ideal footholds which children of any size can use with ease. Small children will love these simple climbing surfaces, and will be rewarded with a nice hang-out spot for reaching the top. The unique structure is sure to be unlike anything they have ever seen before, and its small size and straightforward installation mean that it can be easily added to any outdoor area.


Additional information


2 to 5

Fall Height

4 feet

Use Zone

21 feet x 21 feet

Model Number