Tri-Hex Matrix Climber


The Triple Hexagon Plastic Climber has only one junction point that creates its distinctive shape. The playground climber reaches five and a half feet at its maximum height. Kids enjoy playing with their friends on this climber, and the design encourages some healthy competition as kids race to the top of the panels. Each Tortoise climbing panel has hand and foot holes that make gripping and climbing the climber safe and easy. This climber encourages physical activity and builds agility and coordination skills. The Tortoise panels are made from rotationally molded plastic that is durable and resistant to heavy use and wear. This climbing wall requires the use of a safety surface to prevent injuries from falls. Appropriate for kids age 2-12, the Triple Hexagon Plastic Climber is a great addition to any playground.


Additional information


5 to 12


4 feet

Use Zone

18 feet x 15 feet

Model Number