Splash Pad Contractors Offer Variation On Water Park Play

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On December 28, 2020

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Many people are interested in innovative ideas for ways to have fun in the sun. Splash pads are known by various names, such as water parks, spray pools, and spray basins. As more governmental entities install these areas, there are efforts to ensure that they are safe and comfortable to enjoy. The splash pad contractors who are associated with Innovative Sports Surfacing have the knowledge and experience to help design and build your splash pool.

A spray pool is associated with a recreational complex such as a public park. It is intended for water play which requires very little or no standing water. Because the amount of water is minimal, there may be no need for a lifeguard on duty, because the likelihood of drowning is much lower than in a more typical swimming pool.

A water area of this definition consists of a circular or rounded depression at ground level which holds a few inches of water, at most. The water is not allowed to become stagnant, by using filters, sprays, fountains and other measures to keep the water moving. Some of the extras which help in the design of moving water include ground nozzles, semicircular pipe showers, or tree-shaped showers.

The water must be either fresh or recycled and treated water, so that it meets or exceeds swimming pool water standards. Another safety factor that is an important aspect of these pools is the surface. The pads are often surfaced with non-slip or textured concrete, or with crumb rubber. This type of surface prevents any slip-and-fall accidents.

The professionals at Innovative Sports Surfacing are ready to help with the design and installation of innovative playing areas. In the summertime, such pools are more appealing and more accessible than public swimming pools. They also require less staffing and are easier to maintain. They require less water than the practice of opening up fire hydrants during hot summer months.

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