The Benefits Of PIP Rubber Surfacing

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On December 17, 2020

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Poured in place rubber or PIP, has become the surface material of choice for playgrounds, recreational parks, and across school facilities. This product has grown in popularity because it offers a safe surface that is easy to maintain and is installed in a variety of colors. Discover the benefits of PIP rubber surfacing and the difference it can make for your home, business, or educational facility.

Poured in place rubber creates an incredible finish that is modern and can be customized to best suit your functional needs. The versatile application includes designs in different colors and with its smooth texture, which makes for a neat appeal. Cleaning is made easy and general maintenance performed efficiently when you choose our dedicated and quality surface installations.

The installation of rubberized surfaces for kids is an important part of maintaining safe play areas that are neat and appealing to the eye. Children who rough and tumble in the play yard are protected against injuries such as scrapes and cuts. Falling on the softer surface is safer than grass or concrete, which has contributed to its high demand for areas frequented by children.

With our quality solutions, we provide a multitude of benefits with the use of reliable and lasting materials that work for areas where activities such as sport take place. The appearance and the safety of our rubberized flooring and surfaces make it the ideal choice for high traffic. We deliver safe solutions and a high-grade material that is beautiful and provides incredible durability for years of uninterrupted use.

The smooth yet tough surface material is the best choice for high traffic areas, areas frequented by children and pets, and for sports where non-slip surfaces are important. If you are interested in a lasting install that includes a selection of the highest quality materials, we at Innovative Sport Surface provide modern solutions customized to meet your needs for lasting and impeccable products.

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