Three Important Reasons To Choose The Right Playground Flooring For Your Center

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On July 14, 2021

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Whether you run a day care, a school, a church, or any other facility that hosts small children, having a safe and enjoyable way for your charges to expend energy outdoors is essential. A well-made and feature-rich play structure can help young children get plenty of exercise, build their coordination and motor skills, and socialize in an active, engaging way. Features like these make businesses that serve children all the more appealing to parents. However, before setting any play structure up, you have to carefully consider your options in playground flooring. At Innovative Sport Surface, we want to share three reasons why.

First and foremost, making sure that outdoor play areas are safe is a critical part of fulfilling your general duty of care. Without adequate attention paid to user safety, your business could find itself facing costly liability issues. When installing any elevated structure that’s meant specifically for recreation, you want to make sure that it’s got a relatively soft and shock-absorbing under-layment.

As top-rated playground flooring contractors, we also understand that these additions can be essential for ensuring user health. Choosing to cushion areas beneath play structures with tan bark or even sand can lead to problems like ringworm. When your outdoor facility is closed, mounds of sand can be attractive to stray cats and other wild animals throughout the area. The germs and other harmful organisms they leave behind can be detrimental to those using these areas once your gates are opened. Moreover, tanbark and other cellulose-based solutions can make your property attractive to destructive insects like termites.

Our surfaces are easy to maintain and clean, and they are unlikely to attract pests of any variety. When necessary, these surfaces can be quickly and easily hosed down. They are also durable and guaranteed to provide the level of shock absorption that you need for keeping rambunctious safe from harm.

If you’re looking for playground flooring installation near me, our products won’t disappoint. You can choose from a number of bright, colorful options and can even select a completely customized surface design that incorporates various branding images. To find out more about the impressive benefits that our surfaces provide, call us today to request a consultation and quote.

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