Three Outstanding Benefits Of Poured In Place Rubber Installation

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On June 28, 2021

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As a business owner or homeowners, making sure to complete your duty of care of essential. Cumulatively, this represents all of the steps that you take to mitigate and remove hazards from your property, and to make sure that both residents and guests have access to a safe, comfortable space. When you have play structures on your property, this work becomes increasingly complex. At Innovative Sports Surface, we want to share some of the outstanding benefits that poured in place rubber installation provides.

As a top-rated safety flooring contractor, we’ve helped gyms, child care facilities, churches, schools, and many other centers safeguard kids from fall-related injuries. No matter how well-designed play areas are, it is important to account for the potential for falling. Kids can lose their grips or their footing at any time. When they do, you want to have a surface in place that can minimize the shock of impact, cushion their falls, and keep them from sustaining broken bones or worse.

PIP playground flooring meets all of these needs. When landing on these surfaces, kids are often relieved by just how much cushioning they provide. You’ll also find that these additions make your company significantly more marketable for parents. They are a good visual indicator that you’ve done all you can to keep your charges safe.

Our surfaces can be ordered in a vast range of colors and designs. In fact, for companies that are looking for another way to brand their properties, we can even incorporate goals-specific design elements. Whether you want to coordinate with existing property features or infuse bright colors into your yards, we can certainly help.

When compared to options like wood mulch or general tanbark, these surfaces are also less likely to attract pests like termites. They do not contain any wood cellulose, and unlike sands and other grains, they won’t present the risks of infections like ringworms or hook worms. They are clean, safe, and incredibly easy to maintain. Child care licensing agencies highly approve of them, as do many other regulatory bodies. To know more about the outstanding solutions we supply, get in touch with us today.

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