What To Look For In Playground Surfacing Contractors

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On March 1, 2021

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With the increased number of high-rise buildings taking up all the playing ground, the need for parks has really increased. Playing grounds are vanishing with each day that passes, paving spots for real estate and other buildings. Demand for parks has increased directly increasing the demand for playground surfacing contractors.

At Innovative Sport Surfacing we have contractors who can competently handle tennis court resurfacing, basketball court repairs, tennis court repairs, pickleball court repairs and bocce ball courts re-materializing or repairs.

We also resurface running tracks. Clients out there can take advantage of our free quote. We know the process of coming up with an accurate budget can be challenging as you do not want to run out of budget before the project is complete. This is why our contractors come in handy to guide you through the budgeting process.

At Innovative Sport Surfacing, we offer the following services to our clients that is proper planning, designing, developing, evaluating, consulting, and offering support to owners. Among the services we offer is installing custom logos. We are able to make a tailored logo on playground surfaces.

After our contractor team has completed a project, we then provide maintenance services. Some courts are complex and need a professional to maintain them. A pitch that is not well maintained will eventually wear out and become unfit to play on.

A worn-out playground discourages people to play on as it breaks their morale. It is also very easy to get injured while playing on a surface that is not well maintained. Maintenance on playgrounds will largely depend on construction type, slopes, drainage systems, and compaction.

Improper slopes largely contribute to the creation of puddles making the pitch slippery and unfit to use. When puddles form, they break acrylic surface systems. When compaction is done poorly, with time the pitch will deform and start cracking. Our services are 24-hour and we are just a call away.

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