Go-To Experts for Playground Safety

Explore a wide selection of advanced playground safety surfaces in Ohio, customized for your poured-in-place rubber, top-tier artificial turf or robust bonded rubber mulch requirements
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Playground Design

Discover our innovative playground installations in Ohio, offering age-appropriate, inclusive gear that promotes comprehensive child growth and joyfully fills the ambiance.
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Playground Structures

Rubber Courts

Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing

For a range of sports, including basketball, tennis and bocce, our Ohio-based franchise delivers cutting-edge poured-in-place rubber flooring for both indoor and outdoor safe play scenarios. Our national reputation is built on a combination of unmatched design and construction expertise, covering services from removal and crack fixing to fresh surface deployment and re-surfacing.
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Premium Artificial Turf Installation

Switching to artificial turf from Innovative Sport Surfacing brings myriad advantages to Ohio players, students and fans. Maintain impeccable baseball and softball fields with ease using our premium synthetic grass. Ohio families can enjoy the luxurious feel of our artificial playground turf, crafted with superior materials to ensure durability and reduce skin abrasion. Invest confidently with Ohio’s top choice in the market.
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Playground Systems

Offering a comprehensive array of turnkey solutions for play and recreation, Innovative Sport Surfacing is the trusted partner for delivering a wide range of ready-to-use solutions for play and recreation. Innovative Sport Surfacing is Ohio’s choice for churches, daycares, child care centers, schools and parks and recreation departments. We’re redefining the essence of active play, igniting discussions, nurturing community bonds and enhancing individual and group experiences.
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