Playhouses, Buildings and More

Revolutionize Your Playground with Innovative Sport Surfacing of Ohio

High-Quality Playground Components for an Unbeatable Play Experience

Welcome to Innovative Sport Surfacing of Ohio! As a premier playground provider in the region, we recognize the significance of crafting interactive, secure, and delightful play areas for children. Our extensive collection of playground elements encompasses playhouses, buildings, and bespoke structures, all crafted from top-tier materials. These playground pieces are engineered to withstand challenging weather, ensuring year-round fun and joyous kid experiences.

Our services cater to diverse clients, including educational institutions, recreational parks, and private playgrounds. We offer customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our designs feature many colors, styles, and sizes, perfectly integrating with your playground setup. For those with unique ideas or particular design needs, our skilled team is dedicated to collaborating with you to realize your ideal playground vision.

  • Custom Playhouses: Give children a space to call their own with our playhouses. Created to captivate the imagination and inspire creativity.
  • Multi-level Buildings: Transform your playground into an interactive city with our multi-level buildings equipped with slides, tunnels, and climbing structures.
  • Activity Panels: Add an educational twist to playtime with our activity panels featuring games, alphabets, and sensory inputs.
  • Swing Sets and Accessories: Swing, slide, and climb with our range of swing sets and their corresponding accessories.
  • Safety Surfacing: For that added layer of safety, don’t forget to check out our range of playground surfacing products designed to minimize risks and maximize fun.

At the core of our operations is the safety of children. We ensure that all playground components adhere to or surpass industry safety standards. Moreover, we provide professional installation services, guaranteeing that every element is securely installed and ready for children’s enjoyment. Innovative Sport Surfacing of Ohio is committed to delivering an exceptional playground experience that children will treasure for many years. Discover our extensive playground components today and elevate the playtime experience to new heights!