Premium Playground Slides

Your Ultimate Choice for Safe, Durable and Innovative Playground Slides

Transform Playgrounds into a World of Slides and Smiles

Innovative Sport Surfacing of Ohio is dedicated to enhancing playgrounds with a superior selection of slides, ensuring joy and excitement for all ages. Our extensive range of slide options is designed to suit various age groups and environments. Whether you are looking for traditional double slides or seeking the thrill of curved and wave slides, our collection will meet your playground needs. Crafted from industry-leading materials, our playground slides are built to last, providing a durable and fun-filled setting for years to come.

At the heart of our offerings is an unwavering commitment to safety. Each slide we provide is meticulously engineered to surpass safety standards. Our slides boast smooth surfaces, robust handrails, and carefully calculated angles to minimize injury risks. The materials are UV-resistant and weather-proof, ensuring our slides remain a lasting feature in any outdoor space. Furthermore, our slides are designed for easy installation and have comprehensive guidelines, making the setup process convenient.

Key Features of Our Playground Slides:

  • Double Slides for shared fun
  • Curved Slides add a twist to the descent
  • Wave Slides that bring oceanic undulations to the playground
  • Tunnel Slides for those who love a secretive slide
  • Slide Drums to offer a rhythmic experience
  • Available in different heights to suit diverse age groups and settings

Opting for Innovative Sport Surfacing of Ohio means choosing a playground that excels in innovation, safety, and quality. Our playground slides are not just fun but instruments of physical activity and social interaction, fostering a lively and engaging environment for children. Whether upgrading a public park, a school playground, or a private recreational facility, we offer the perfect slide solution for your needs. Trust in our expertise to provide the essential components to transform your playground into a standout destination.