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Unveil the Beauty of Ohio’s Play Areas with Our Versatile Selection of Bonded Rubber Mulch Colors

Ohio’s Premier Supplier of Bonded Rubber Mulch

Bonded rubber mulch is revolutionizing playground and recreational space surfacing. This innovative product combines shredded rubber particles, crafting them into a unified layer reminiscent of compressed rubber or wood mulch. This method, often described as “resin-bound rubber mulch,” offers a unique blend of durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

Innovative Sport Surfacing, Ohio’s trusted name in recreational surfacing, champions this bonded rubber mulch for its many benefits. Economical yet long-lasting, it’s an ideal choice for playgrounds, nature trails, jogging paths, and more. Moreover, it complies with ADA standards, reinforcing our commitment to creating spaces that are inclusive and accessible to all.

One of the standout features of our bonded rubber mulch is its seamless pour method. This technique ensures the product’s superior safety credentials compared to traditional mulch varieties. Its distinctive properties allow for detailed sculpting and contouring, delivering an authentic terrain experience.

But the marvels don’t end there. Upon closer inspection, visitors often express amazement at its natural appearance and anti-fatigue touch. Experience the difference with Innovative Sport Surfacing – Ohio’s advanced recreational ground solutions leader.

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