Ohio’s Premier Equine Rubber Surfacing

At Innovative Sport Surfacing, Experience Ultimate Durability and Care for Your Horses’ Well-being and Ease

Cutting-Edge Cushioned Rubber Flooring Engineered for Ohio Resilience

Ohio equestrian spaces demand nothing but the best, and our premium rubber flooring rises to the occasion. Expertly crafted for horse facilities, it is a serene refuge for elderly, recuperating or ailing equines. From training centers, commercial stables and breeding farms to veterinary clinics throughout the Buckeye State, our rubber flooring is the top choice.

At the core of our rubber flooring is a formidable foundation made to withstand the daily challenges of wear and tear. It guarantees heightened safety, noise-reduced operations and unwavering comfort. Furthermore, its self-leveling wear coat transforms into a resilient, adaptable membrane, crowned with a superior wear-resistant layer, ensuring unparalleled longevity.

In Ohio, a state with a passionate equestrian community, we grasp the significance of premium quality and enduring toughness. With this understanding, we’ve channeled our expertise into devising a rubber flooring system that caters to the distinct needs of Ohio’s diverse horse establishments. Crafted with Ohio’s spirit in mind, our solution blends functionality with elegance, ensuring every equine, from the dressage champion to the treasured mare, enjoys optimum comfort and safety. Key advantages of our Ohio-special rubber flooring include:

  • Therapeutic support for joints, tendons, and ligaments, reducing fluid retention and shoe deterioration
  • Unmatched impact absorption suitable for surgery rooms, healing spaces, and various hoof conditions
  • A non-slip texture perfect for standing or lying down, eliminating the need for pricey, unsanitary bedding
  • No more damp concrete or irregular surfaces – our flooring provides a barrier against moisture and cold
  • The seamless, watertight nature simplifies cleaning – eliminating struggles with traditional rubber stall mats or other seamed systems
  • Our drain-through blueprint is robust, offering flexibility to personalize bevels for targeted drainage

Opt for our rubber flooring and experience a noticeable decrease in maintenance efforts and costs. It’s engineered to combat water seepage, assuring no puckering or shifting. Relish years of uninterrupted service and maintained aesthetic charm with this Ohio-endorsed solution.

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