Proven Professional in Court Surfacing Installation and Repair

Innovative Sport Surfacing’s court surfacing and installation services start with thoroughly evaluating your facility, focusing on the specific topography you wish to modify. Our committed design team works closely with you to establish usage projections and analyze the local climate and rainfall patterns, which are critical factors for designing tennis and pickleball courts.

Our outdoor building materials are primarily made from acrylic resins. These materials are known for their superior long-term protection against the elements and excellent resistance to harmful UV radiation from the sun. Constructing a premier outdoor tennis court is more straightforward than ever with Innovative Sport Surfacing, especially with our strategic alliance with California Sports Surfaces.

The tennis court surfaces from California Sports Surfaces are a testament to modern innovation. Plexicushion and Plexi Hardcourt systems are crafted to provide any indoor or outdoor venue with uniform play speed, texture, and vivid color. These tennis court surfaces utilize the ColorPlus System for enhanced vibrancy and incorporate multiple layers of cushioning to deliver excellent playability and resistance to fading, even under the most challenging weather conditions, from icy to extreme heat.

Innovative Sport Surfacing also takes pride in offering state-of-the-art pickleball court installations. We use advanced materials and design principles specifically tailored for pickleball, ensuring optimal player performance. Our pickleball courts are designed to provide the perfect balance of bounce, grip, and durability. Whether planning a dedicated pickleball arena or integrating it with other sports facilities, our team provides comprehensive solutions that meet the unique demands of pickleball court construction. Our partnership with California Sports Surfaces ensures the highest quality and durability for every pickleball court we install.

We are skilled in installing all California Sports Surfaces tennis and pickleball court systems, whether on well-prepared asphalt, concrete, or acrylic courts. If you are considering constructing or resurfacing a tennis or pickleball court, contact us for references to reputable sports surface contractors. We are here to assist you through every step of the process.

Certified Products

CPSC, ASTM and IPEMA certifications guarantee exceptional quality standards for our surfacing materials.

No Guesswork

Partner with us for seamless project management. We handle details, easing your burden.

Guaranteed Safety

Before sale, our products consistently exceed ASTM, IPEMA and CPSC's rigorous safety benchmarks.

Expert Installation

Trust our expert technicians for effortless, professional playground surfacing installations every time.

Experts in Safety and Court Repair

Innovative Sport Surfacing puts safety first. Our tennis, basketball and multi-sport courts contain low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to protect athletes and the environment. In addition, our in-depth knowledge of how court materials react to various weather components, including rain, snow, heat and UV radiation, allows us to offer premier maintenance for even the best sports courts, including clay tennis courts. We offer our clients a wide range of sports court rehabilitation services nationwide, from basic repairs like acrylic crack filler to more full-court restorations that require ripping down and replacing the existing foundation and surfacing. Take advantage of our expertise. Our staff is the best at building tennis and basketball courts.