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With our full suite of playground equipment and custom safety surfaces, you can find everything you need for a safer play area. From expertly crafted play structures to our top-of-the-line poured-in-place rubber and superior synthetic turf, we ensure every detail meets your specific requirements for safety and durability.
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Our imaginative playground equipment includes age-appropriate, inclusive playground equipment that promotes whole child development and plenty of laughter.

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Playground Structures


Rubber Courts

Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing

For basketball, tennis, bocce courts and more, Innovative Sport Surfacing provides poured-in-place rubber flooring surfaces for indoor and outdoor safe play. Our national recognition is due to a combination of our expertise in design and construction which includes removal services, crack repair, new surface installation, re-surfacing and more.

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Premium Artificial Turf Installation

The addition of artificial turf to your playing field benefits your players, students and spectators alike, Innovative Sport Surfacing has many options for you. It’s simple to keep your baseball and softball fields looking their best with our artificial turf. Both children and their parents will enjoy playing on our artificial playground grass because it is so soft. We use the best materials and stabilizers to safeguard your investment and have the lowest skin abrasion of any outdoor court surface.

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Playground Systems

Innovative Sport Surfacing provides a wide range of turnkey products and solutions for all of your play and recreation needs. Churches, daycares, child care centers, schools, parks and recreation departments work with us to deliver the best play and recreation equipment and services. We reimagined physical, free-wheeling play, getting people talking and reestablishing connections with one another and with the world around them.

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