Texas’ Top Equine Rubber Flooring

At Innovative Sport Surfacing, We Deliver a Continuous, Lasting and Impermeable Rubber Flooring Solution Perfect for Your Horses’ Health and Comfort

State-of-the-Art Cushioned Rubber Flooring Built Texas Tough

Texas equestrian spaces deserve unparalleled quality, and our seamless rubber flooring delivers just that. Perfectly designed for horse facilities, it offers a comfortable haven for elderly, recovering, or ill equines, serving training centers, commercial stables, breeding farms, and veterinary clinics across the Lone Star State.

Our rubber flooring’s foundation is robust and tailored to resist daily wear and tear challenges. This ensures enhanced safety, quiet operations, and consistent comfort. Moreover, the self-leveling wear coat morphs into a sturdy, flexible membrane topped with a hard-wearing coat, ensuring unmatched durability.

In the heart of Texas, where the equestrian community thrives, we understand the need for superior quality and lasting resilience. That’s why we’ve invested our expertise in creating a rubber flooring system that meets the unique demands of our state’s dynamic horse facilities. Tailored for the Texan spirit, our solution marries practicality with sophistication, ensuring that every equine athlete receives the comfort and safety they deserve, from a rodeo star to a prized stallion. Benefits of our Texas-ready rubber flooring include:

  • Therapeutic support for joints, tendons, and ligaments, minimizing fluid build-up and shoe wear.
  • Peerless impact absorption is adaptable for operating rooms, recovery areas, and diverse hoof conditions.
  • A slip-resistant texture that’s comfortable for standing or resting, rendering costly, unsanitary bedding obsolete.
  • Say goodbye to wet concrete and uneven terrains; our flooring shields against moisture and cold.
  • The seamless, impermeable nature makes cleaning a breeze – no more hassles with rubber stall mats or other seamed systems.
  • Our drain-through design is sturdy, with options to customize bevels for directed drainage.

Choose our rubber flooring and witness significantly reduced maintenance time and expenses. It’s designed to prevent water infiltration, ensuring no curling or movement. Enjoy years of service and sustained visual appeal with this Texas-approved solution.

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