Advanced Aquatic Surfacing Solutions in Colorado

Transform Your Pool Decks and Play Areas with Innovative Sport Surfacing for Enhanced Aesthetics and Safety

Innovative Deck Solutions for Pools and Recreational Areas in Colorado

Transform your outdoor recreational spaces in Colorado with Innovative Sport Surfacing’s cutting-edge decking solutions. Our products, meticulously designed with safety as a top priority, blend style and security to enhance everything from urban backyards to expansive public facilities.

Traditionally, concrete has been the go-to choice for pool decks due to its durability, often lasting for decades. However, modern surfacing technologies have introduced poured-in-place rubber as a superior alternative, especially around pools, decks and water parks. This material, built to withstand Colorado’s diverse weather conditions, offers a long-lasting, cost-effective flooring solution, ensuring your investment is secure for years.

We rejuvenate both indoor and outdoor aquatic surfaces with vibrant, safety-oriented coatings. These treatments refresh aging concrete and repair visible wear, such as cracks or erosion, improving aesthetics and functionality. Our rubber pool coping systems are particularly resilient against moisture and require minimal maintenance, making them an increasingly popular choice for pool environments.

Our rubberized decks are designed to promote efficient water drainage, keeping surfaces dry and reducing slipping hazards. Even when wet, the surface maintains a slightly sticky quality, enhancing traction and safety for walkers. This feature is crucial for various venues, from Olympic-sized pools to local splash pads and large water parks.

We exclusively use PolySoft’s innovative products, particularly the Splash and Versatex lines, for our installations. Splash, made from polyolefin polymer granules, is designed to withstand chemical wear from chlorinated water. It can handle chlorine concentrations up to 10 parts per million, far exceeding standard pool levels. Cooler to the touch compared to rubber or synthetic turf, Splash is ideal for children’s play areas, especially during Colorado’s warm seasons.

Versatex is perfect for both wet and dry settings. Its low-profile design allows for seamless overlay on existing decks with minimal preparatory work, offering an economical renovation solution. It’s easy to maintain and provides superior slip resistance in any weather, making it a versatile choice. Available in 18 colors and various custom mixes, Versatex adds visual variety to pool borders, changing facilities, and walkways, enhancing safety and visual appeal.

Enhance your recreational spaces with Innovative Sport Surfacing’s advanced decking solutions, designed to meet the diverse needs of Colorado’s landscapes. Whether you’re a property owner, facility manager, or someone responsible for maintaining recreational areas, our solutions are versatile enough to cater to your specific requirements.

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Our surfacing materials are of superior quality, verified by certifications from organizations like CPSC, ASTM and IPEMA.

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We prioritize safety; our surfacing products consistently meet and often exceed ASTM, IPEMA and CPSC safety criteria.

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