Premium Rubber Flooring for Horses

Discover Our Exceptional Rubber Flooring Solutions in Colorado, Crafted to Provide Seamless, Durable and Non-Porous Surfaces

Superior Rubber Flooring Solutions for Equestrian Facilities in Colorado

Introducing Innovative Sport Surfacing’s premier rubber flooring, expertly crafted for the specific demands of equestrian centers throughout Colorado. Utilizing advanced Polylast™ Systems and Microban® Antimicrobial Protection, our flooring sets the bar high for durability and hygiene in equestrian environments.

Our flooring is designed with equine comfort and safety as the top priority, making it ideal for horses of all ages, those undergoing rehabilitation, or those in rigorous training. The seamless design reduces risks and increases longevity, and it is backed by a solid 10-year warranty when installed by our certified dealers.

Innovative Sport Surfacing’s rubber flooring offers numerous benefits over traditional horse stall mats. It is cost-effective and versatile for various equestrian settings, including surgical centers, commercial stables, breeding farms, and veterinary clinics. Its robust base withstands heavy use, enhancing safety and reducing noise – essential for busy barns and stables.

Our floors are engineered to maintain their integrity under the most demanding conditions. The self-leveling wear coat cures into a flexible yet tough membrane, topped with a structured coat resistant to wear and tear. The integration of Microban® technology inhibits bacterial growth, controls odors, and maintains cleanliness between cleanings, supporting the overall health of equine joints, tendons, and ligaments, reducing fluid build-up, and minimizing shoe wear while providing excellent impact absorption.

Key Benefits of Innovative Sport Surfacing’s Rubber Flooring:

  • Therapeutic Support: Promotes joint, tendon, and ligament health.
  • Impact Reduction: Ideal for recovery areas and various hoof ailments.
  • Slip-Resistant Surface: Provides comfort for both standing and resting, potentially eliminating the need for costly bedding.
  • Seamless and Non-Porous: Simplifies cleaning and disinfection, replacing cumbersome rubber stall mats.
  • Customizable Drain-Through Options: Enhances safety and resilience, with beveling to facilitate adequate drainage.

Our rubber flooring simplifies maintenance routines, reducing both time and cost. The impermeable surface prevents water infiltration, keeping the subfloor intact and ensuring the surface remains flat and stable. Beyond its functional benefits, our flooring adds aesthetic value to any facility, contributing to a professional ambiance and showcasing a commitment to exceptional animal care.

Choosing Innovative Sport Surfacing with Polylast™ and Microban® technologies allows facility managers in Colorado to create a safer, more comfortable environment for horses while achieving significant savings and operational efficiency. Our durable, visually appealing solutions minimize maintenance and repair needs and elevate the overall atmosphere of any equestrian facility, promoting a high standard of care and sustainability.

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