An Industry Gamechanger

Unlock Limitless Growth Opportunities in the Sports Surfacing Industry with Innovative Sport Surfacing

A Legacy Born from Passion: The Journey of Innovative Sport Surfacing

In the heart of the sports industry, a vision took form over 15 years ago: a commitment to crafting unparalleled athletic spaces that would redefine standards. That vision evolved into Innovative Sport Surfacing. We embarked on a journey to build a business and shape an ethos, a movement that would elevate every athletic experience nationwide.

Our footprint, spanning schools, gyms, and recreational centers, is a testament to our relentless dedication. We’ve become more than a brand; we symbolize trust, quality and innovation. As we reflect on our journey, our roots remind us of our humble beginnings, and our growth story underlines the perseverance and hard work invested at every step.

Beyond surfacing, we have advocated for optimal performance, safety and longevity. Our emphasis on these principles has been unwavering, resonating in every project we undertake. This consistency has earned us accolades and, more importantly, the trust of our diverse clientele. Highlights of Innovative Sport Surfacing include:

  • Experience: A rich legacy of over 15 years in the sports surfacing domain
  • Nationwide Impact: Presence across schools, gyms, and recreational centers nationwide
  • Certified Excellence: Proud to have an ASBA (American Sports Builders Association) Certified Court Builder as part of our expert team
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Offering end-to-end services, from design to maintenance
  • Commitment to Safety: Ensuring every surface meets the highest safety and performance standards

Our journey is punctuated with milestones, challenges, innovations, and successes. Yet, the road ahead is filled with endless opportunities. As we look to the future, our mission remains unchanged: to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of sports surfacing, ensuring that every athlete, every child and every enthusiast can experience the very best.