Available Territories

Discover Opportunities Nationwide with Exclusive Territories Awaiting Your Innovative Sport Surfacing Franchise

Prime Locations Available for Your Sports-Surfacing Business Venture

Innovative Sport Surfacing aims to expand our presence nationwide, ensuring that quality sports surfacing solutions are accessible to communities everywhere. While our brand has made significant inroads in several regions, numerous territories still await your entrepreneurial touch.

Our franchise model prioritizes exclusivity, ensuring each franchisee has an optimal catchment area without internal competition. Once you’ve secured a territory, it’s yours exclusively, offering you the best possible business success and growth chances. The territories are meticulously mapped, considering population density, sporting infrastructure and growth potential.

Currently, most states are open for franchise opportunities, with few exceptions. To maintain our commitment to non-competition and service quality, Ohio and Texas are currently off the table as existing franchises fully occupy them. However, there’s a silver lining. Let’s explore some of the key territories ripe for expansion.

The Northeast

From the bustling sports communities of New York to the collegiate athletics in Massachusetts, the Northeast boasts a rich sporting tradition. Pennsylvania and New Jersey also have numerous sports enthusiasts and recreational facilities. Establishing an Innovative Sport Surfacing franchise here means tapping into a market that values quality and durability in their sporting arenas.

The West

The Western United States, led by states like California, Washington and Oregon, is always ahead of the curve regarding sports infrastructure. Cities like Los Angeles and Seattle are hubs for professional sports and community-based recreational activities. With a growing emphasis on health and fitness, there’s a surging demand for top-notch sports facilities and surfacing solutions in this region.

The South

Beyond the bustling state of Texas lie incredible opportunities in states such as Louisiana, Georgia and Florida. These states are known for their outdoor lifestyles, with many communities centering around sports and recreation. Whether college sports in Georgia or community basketball courts in Florida, there’s a consistent need for quality sports surfacing.

The Midwest

The heart of America, the Midwest, with Ohio being the only exception, presents vast possibilities. States like Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin deeply love indoor and outdoor sports. Cities such as Chicago and Detroit are known for their sporting cultures, and establishing a franchise here means becoming a part of this rich legacy.

Mountain and Pacific

The diverse terrains of states like Arizona, Colorado and Hawaii offer unique sporting experiences. With its desert landscapes, Arizona has a growing golf community, while Colorado’s ski resorts are world-renowned. With its island culture, Hawaii focuses heavily on water sports, but there’s a growing demand for standard sporting facilities, making it ripe for Innovative Sport Surfacing solutions.

The demand for quality sports surfacing solutions will only grow as the sporting world continues to evolve. With our brand behind you and an exclusive territory at your disposal, the stage is set for you to create a sporting legacy. We invite aspiring entrepreneurs to capitalize on this opportunity, grab these available territories, and pave the way for a successful and fulfilling venture with Innovative Sport Surfacing.