Vehicles and Trike Tracks for Playgrounds

Premier Playground Equipment from Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey

Explore Top-Quality Playground Vehicles and Trike Tracks with Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey

Leading the way in innovative playground experiences, Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey specializes in turning imaginative concepts into reality. Our expansive range of playground vehicles and trike tracks is unmatched, ensuring a safe, stimulating play space that encourages creativity and adventure. Our selection includes realistic wooden vehicles, interactive features, and informative signage catering to various playground themes and landscapes.

Invite young adventurers to set off on creative quests within the safety of your playground. Our premium product collection is thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted, built to withstand active play while adhering to strict safety standards. Our playground elements are constructed from top-grade materials such as sturdy plastic and resilient wood and are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Perfect for new playground projects or enhancements, our vehicles and trike track components are appropriate for children across all age groups.


  • Diverse Styles: Select from a range of designs, including police cars, ambulances, and bicycles.
  • Educational Elements and Signage: Enhance playtime with our educational stands and signs.
  • Various Heights: Offerings include different height options to suit children of varying ages.
  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted from premium, heavy-duty plastic and weather-proof wood.
  • Focus on Safety: All products are designed to meet or exceed rigorous safety standards.

Opt for Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey as your trusted playground collaborator. With extensive experience in playground surfacing and equipment, our team delivers all-encompassing solutions from conceptualization to installation. We are dedicated to creating playgrounds that go beyond fun—they spark inspiration in young minds. Reach out to us today to learn how our vehicles and trike tracks can elevate your playground into a top-choice destination for families in search of fun, secure, and stimulating outdoor activities.