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Elevate Your New Jersey Landscape with Premier Sport Surfacing Expertise

Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey consistently sets new standards in artificial turf innovation. Each project showcases our commitment to excellence, blending durability, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. The cornerstone of our offerings is Turfscape, a superior product from the renowned American company Act Global. With Turfscape, we provide synthetic grass solutions that are unparalleled in both longevity and quality.

Turfscape stands out not just for its remarkable resemblance to real grass but also for its exceptional sturdiness. It is no exaggeration to say that Turfscape offers unparalleled durability. Crafted with high-quality yarn blends, it ensures prolonged durability and years of enjoyment, standing up to daily sports, play, and outdoor activities. Our commitment extends beyond the product; trust and assurance are key. We back every Turfscape installation with a comprehensive 15-year warranty, demonstrating our confidence in the product’s longevity and our dedication to our customers.

Choosing Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey means embarking on a complete journey. From initial consultation to final installation, your goals and requirements are our primary focus, ensuring satisfaction and unmatched results. We understand the New Jersey landscape, local weather conditions, and our clients’ needs, making us the top choice for all synthetic grass requirements.

What distinguishes our turf solutions:

  • Versatile Usage: Catering to everything from football fields to children’s play areas, our adaptable turf services ensure each project is tailored to its purpose.
  • Exceptional Turfscape Quality: Designed to mimic natural grass, it enhances the visual appeal of your spaces.
  • Eco-Friendly and Low Maintenance: Benefit from UV-resistant, environmentally conscious turf that adheres to strict safety standards.
  • Increased Property Value: Our synthetic turf enhances your property’s market value, combining beauty with financial benefits.

In the realm of sports turf materials, safety and durability are paramount. With Turfscape, we prioritize athlete safety in every product. Our commitment is steadfast. Precision is assured with our expert installers at every step, leading to results that often exceed expectations. We set our production standards high, eliminating common issues like glare, unevenness, or creasing in inferior products. Additionally, Turfscape strikes a balance between luxury and affordability, offering direct-from-manufacturer prices for top-notch quality without the high cost.

Trust Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey for a synthetic turf project that reflects excellence and commitment on a New Jersey scale. We take pride in setting industry benchmarks, and our history showcases our dedication to quality. Each turf installation is a testament to our expertise, attention to detail, and understanding of client needs. Our promise is unwavering as we continue to serve New Jersey: delivering superior turf solutions that withstand the test of time.

Certified Products

Our surfacing materials are of superior quality, verified by certifications from organizations like CPSC, ASTM and IPEMA.

No Guesswork

Partner with us for a seamless experience where we handle every detail, ensuring a stress-free process for you.

Guaranteed Safety

We prioritize safety; our surfacing products consistently meet and often exceed ASTM, IPEMA and CPSC safety criteria.

Expert Installation

Rely on our expert technicians for efficient and proficient playground surfacing installation, guaranteeing top-tier results.