Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfacing

Explore the Security and Elegance of Premium Poured-In-Place Rubber Surfaces in New Jersey, Your Trusted Choice for Non-Slip Solutions Statewide

Revolutionary Poured-in-Place Rubber Surfaces by Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey

Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey is thrilled to offer top-notch poured-in-place rubber surfacing solutions, expertly combining safety, aesthetic appeal, and long-lasting durability. Our track record in New Jersey for providing premium poured-in-place rubber surfaces is unparalleled, catering to a diverse range of clients, including commercial businesses, educational institutions, and government facilities. Our experienced team utilizes high-quality EPDM granules and UV-resistant binders, guaranteeing an outstandingly durable service life.

Our poured-in-place rubber surfaces are distinguished by their exceptional longevity and low maintenance requirements, qualities highly appreciated by facility owners in New Jersey. Showcasing a comprehensive portfolio of projects across the nation, our proficient installation team brings unmatched skill to each assignment. They excel in customizing rubber surfaces in various colors and designs, reflecting your unique preferences and the architectural style of your property, thereby enhancing its individuality.

Beyond playground applications, our versatile poured-in-place rubber surfaces are ideal for New Jersey’s diverse climate. Thanks to their sturdy nature and simple cleaning routine, they are an excellent choice for basements and garage floors. Our surfacing ensures slip resistance on walkways, particularly during rainy periods. For pool decks, our surfacing provides optimal traction, even when wet. Our rubber surfacing is also perfect for equestrian arenas and athletic fields, offering superior cushioning that protects athletes and animals.

Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey is deeply committed to creating the perfect poured-in-place rubber surface for your facility, regardless of size or type. We prioritize understanding your vision in-depth before commencing any project. With our extensive experience and steadfast focus on quality, you can be confident that your space will be transformed into a visually appealing, safe, and durable rubber environment that will serve you well for years.

Certified Products

Our surfacing materials are of superior quality, verified by certifications from organizations like CPSC, ASTM and IPEMA.

No Guesswork

Partner with us for a seamless experience where we handle every detail, ensuring a stress-free process for you.

Guaranteed Safety

We prioritize safety; our surfacing products consistently meet and often exceed ASTM, IPEMA and CPSC safety criteria.

Expert Installation

Rely on our expert technicians for efficient and proficient playground surfacing installation, guaranteeing top-tier results.

Explore the vast possibilities our poured-in-place rubber surfacing offers for your New Jersey project. Whether you’re looking to refurbish an existing space or are planning a new one, our team is ready to help. Join us on this transformative journey to enhance your facility’s safety and aesthetic appeal, while offering a resilient solution tailored to New Jersey’s unique weather challenges.

Trust in Innovative Sport Surfacing of New Jersey for a superior poured-in-place rubber surfacing experience. We’re eager to collaborate on your next project. Contact us today to explore our wide range of rubber surfacing options. Learn how we can help you create a functional and visually impressive space. Experience our exceptional service quality in the Garden State.




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New Jersey’s Top Choice for Poured-in-Place Rubber Surface Care

In areas of frequent use, occasional refurbishments are necessary. Turn to New Jersey’s esteemed Innovative Sport Surfacing for seamless care of your aging recreational surfaces. This method not only elevates the safety features of your playground but also offers an economical solution. Opting for this service means you can revamp your existing poured-in-place rubber surface at a considerably lower cost, significantly extending its usability for up to five years. For New Jersey enterprises, Innovative Sport Surfacing stands as your premier ally in maintaining playground surfaces in top-notch condition.