Non-Slip Surface Pool Deck Solutions for Unique Outdoor Spaces

Concrete coatings have long been valued for their durability, often lasting decades and making them popular for outdoor pool flooring. However, in recent years, the use of poured-in-place rubber surfacing has grown in popularity for swimming pools, decks, and water parks. This is due to its ability to withstand the elements, making rubber coatings a more cost-effective solution over time. The non-slip nature of these coatings also allows for creating unique and safe outdoor areas for social gatherings.

Applying safety surface treatments to indoor and outdoor pool decks adds vibrant colors and a refreshed appearance and helps repair any concrete damage, such as cracks or chips. These features enhance the overall look and functionality of the space. Additionally, the rubber pool coping system we install is known for its excellent resistance to humidity. Its low maintenance needs and durability make it an increasingly preferred choice in pool environments.

The rubberized pool deck surfaces are designed to enhance safety by allowing water to drain through, keeping the deck dry and reducing slip hazards. The surfaces retain a tacky feel even when wet, further preventing slips and falls. This makes walking on a rubber pool deck safer compared to other materials. Whether for an Olympic-sized pool, a splash park, or a water park, our installation services cater to a broad range of public and private venues.

Innovative Sport Surfacing uses PolySoft products for its pool decks, including two specific types: Splash and Versatex. Splash is formulated with polyolefin polymer granules that are resistant to chemical corrosion from chlorine, and it is extensively used in water play systems. It can withstand chlorine levels up to 10 parts per million, exceeding the typical pool range. Additionally, Splash surfaces are cooler than rubber or artificial grass, making them ideal for children’s play areas in hot weather.

Versatex, designed for wet and dry environments, features a low profile that facilitates easy retrofitting over existing surfaces with minimal preparation required. This makes it a more economical and practical choice for updating old or worn areas. It is also easier to clean and maintain, with excellent slip resistance in all weather conditions. Available in 18 colors and unlimited blends, Versatex is aesthetically versatile and suitable for pool surrounds, change rooms, and pathways, enhancing safety and visual appeal.

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