A Cushioned, Virtually Indestructible Seamless Rubber Flooring System

Our seamless rubber flooring, incorporating Polylast™ Systems with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection, is the premier choice for any horse-related facility. Polylast™ technology enhances the safety, performance, and comfort of our floors, making it especially beneficial for horses that are elderly, recovering, or in rigorous training. This innovation, backed by a 10-year warranty when installed by an authorized dealer, not only extends the flooring’s lifespan but also ensures it remains sanitary, reducing the risk of microorganism contamination.

Our durable rubber flooring is a cost-effective alternative to traditional horse stall mats, ideal for surgery centers, commercial stables, breeding farms, and veterinary clinics. The strong rubber foundation withstands significant wear and tear, enhancing safety and resilience while reducing noise pollution – a critical feature in busy equestrian environments.

Our flooring’s poured, self-leveling wear coat cures into a robust, flexible membrane topped with a hard-wearing, structured coat that resists damage and wear, rendering the surface virtually indestructible. Infused with Microban® technology inhibits the growth of damaging bacteria, reduces odors, and maintains a cleaner surface between washings. This design supports joint, tendon, and ligament health, reduces fluid accumulation and shoe wear, and provides unmatched force reduction for equine athletes.

Key benefits of our rubber flooring integrated with Polylast™ Systems include:

  • Anti-fatigue and therapeutic properties that aid joint, tendon, and ligament health.
  • Unrivaled force reduction that is suitable for operating rooms, recovery stalls, and various hoof conditions.
  • Slip-resistant, comfortable surface for standing or lying down, minimizing or eliminating the need for costly, unsanitary bedding.
  • Seamless, non-porous surface that is easy to clean and disinfect, removing the need for cumbersome rubber stall mats.
  • Drain-through options that ensure our flooring is safe and resilient, with custom beveling available to direct drainage as needed.

The seamless and hygienic design of our rubber flooring simplifies maintenance, cutting time and expenses by half. Water cannot penetrate the subfloor, ensuring the surface does not curl or shift. With its aesthetic appeal, our system is designed to last for years, providing an excellent long-term investment for any equestrian facility committed to excellence in animal care and operational sustainability.

By choosing our seamless rubber flooring enhanced with Polylast™ and Microban® technologies, facility managers ensure a safer, more comfortable environment for horses while benefiting from significant long-term savings and operational efficiency. The addition of Microban® antimicrobial protection maintains cleanliness and significantly reduces the potential for bacterial growth and contamination, offering peace of mind in maintaining biosecure facilities. Additionally, the durable design reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs, further enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The aesthetically pleasing appearance of our flooring also enhances the overall look of any facility, contributing to a professional and caring environment that reflects a commitment to excellence in animal care.

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